Source: Sunshine U-Lok Corp.
Round steel in arch 30" high welded to flat 2" steel feet
  • Round steel in arch 30" high welded to flat 2" steel feet.
  • Modular design: Add as many as needed or as space allows.
  • Can be anchored to all surfaces: Concrete, asphalt, gravel, grass, dirt. Or one ARCH-LOK bolted to the next.
  • Sturdy: Built for ruggedness.
  • Outstanding Security: With all lock mechanisms, can lock frame and one wheel or both wheels with bicyclists' "horseshoe" lock or cable.
  • Plan on parking two bikes for each two feet of length in alloted space.
  • FOR EXAMPLE: One car parking space of 18" lengths can support 9 arches which will securely lock 18 bicycles!
  • Polyvinyl coating of ARCH-LOK means excellent protection to bicycle frames.
  • Feet are pre-drilled of 2" x 2' x 1/4"
  • Round Steel in arch 30" high and at base reinforces with triangle gussets.
  • Polyvinyl protective coating bonded by heat process to steel.

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