Auxiliary Air System For Vehicles Without Onboard Air Systems

Source: Insta-Chain, Inc.
The auxiliary air system includes the following components
The auxiliary air system includes the following components:

    1. One 12 volt air compressor, Thomas model #315 CDC 50/12. The Thomas air compress will maintain constant pressure from 90 to 120 lbs of air pressure in the air tank approx. 3 minutes.
    2. One 1100 cubic inch air tank.
    3. One automatic pressure switch to maintain the air prssure in the air tank between 90 psi and 120 psi.
    4. All the air fittings necesssary to hoook-up the system.
Second option if required is a Thomas model# 405 ADC38-12 continuous duty air compressor; or a 1422 cu. in. air tank. (There may be an additional charge for these items

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