Battery Operated UV Lights

Source: Bright Dyes, Division Of Kingscote Chemicals
Battery Operated UV Lights
Battery Operated UV Lights
810109 - This long wave model uses a self-filtering BLB tube to produce highly intense emissions. For hand-held, portable convenience, the sturdy plastic case measures 9.5x9.375x2.875. The six watt ultrviolet lamp and built-in flashlight are powered by two 6 volt lantern batteries (average battery life = 20 hours). The shell is made of tough ABS plastic designed to never peel, fade or crack. A toggle switch located near the handle controls on/off flashlight position at your fingertips.

810119 - Two six watt lamps give this model the competitive edge in portable power. The innovative design features a power selector switch which allows operation from a wall outlet or the internal lead-acid battery. A fully charged battery will operate both lamps for approximately 5 hours. The built-in recharger also operates from a standard wall outlet. This versatile design has two handles: a top hand grip and a unique strap along the back of the lamp.

810219 - This 4 watt lamp is ideally suited for use with the viewing cabinet in the field. This model also features a solid ABS plastic case. The cigarette lighter adapter plug eliminates the need for a converter.

810005 - 4 watt mini hand held UV light emits longwaves at (365nm). Is lightweight and small enough to fit into a pocket. A nylon strap is attached for easy handling. Operates on 4 - AA batteries (Not Included)

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