Bond Force

Source: Concrete Producers Solutions Inc.
Bond Force has been formulated to bond new concrete to old concrete and to improve the flexural strength of new concrete.
Bond Force has been formulated to bond new concrete to old concrete and to improve the flexural strength of new concrete. It is especially beneficial in eliminating cracking (crazing), shrinking and minimizing bug holes in architectural, ornamental and other precast products. This recently improved version has more than 18% greater strength than Acrylbond and competing products.

Bond Force can be added to the mortar mix for patching or re-surfacing concrete floors, pipe, box culverts or other precast products, driveways, terrazzo floors and masonry. It can also be used as a mortar admixture for setting stronger, more flexible tile floors and in making glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). Bond Force provides the following additional benefits:

  • For patching pipe or box culverts, Bond Force provides a more secure, stable patch and will substantially reduce rejects.
  • For patching mortar, Bond Force provides a greater shear, flexural impact and tensile strength resulting in a more durable finished product.
  • Bond Force treated floors will last longer under heavy wear conditions or high vibration and have better abrasive strength, reduced dusting and a lower maintenance cost.
  • Bond Force patches have excellent freeze/thaw resistance.
  • In making GFRC and architectural, ornamental and other precast concrete, the use of Bond Force will result in a product with no shrinkage or cracking, significantly lower water absorption and porosity, increased abrasion resistance and increased aged strain to failure. In addition, Bond Force will improve the workability of the mix and allow simple dry air curing.

For Eliminating Cracking (Crazing) and Shrinking in Precast Products:

For most applications, Bond Force should be added at the rate of 100 to 200 ounces per 100 lbs. (6500 to 13,000 ml per 100 kg) of cementaceous material. If the aggregate is porous or the cement ratio is low, then more Bond Force will be required. Bond Force is compatible with most other additives; however, if you intend to use other admixtures, please contact us at the number listed below for consultation.

For Use as an Admix When Patching Mortar:

Pre-mix the sand and cement. Mix equal parts of water and Bond Force in a separate container. Add the diluted Bond Force blend and mix for 2-4 minutes. Continue adding the diluted blend until you obtain the desired slump and consistency; then apply the modified mortar over the bonding surfaces as a topping and feather the edge at least one inch.

If the mix is too wet, reduce the amount of water to stiffen. If the mix is too dry, increase the amount of Bond Force and water. The water and Bond Force solution should be added to the mixer prior to agitation; then add the sand and cement and mix thoroughly.

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