ChimGard Chimney Tops

Source: Can-Clay Corporation

ChimGard Chimney Tops
Can Clay's Decorative ChimGard Chimney Tops are ideal for giving your give distinction to your home
Can Clay's Decorative ChimGard Chimney Tops are ideal for giving your give distinction to your home.

Key Benefits

  • Beautiful - Highly Finished Designs
  • One Piece Construction
  • ChimGard Stainless Steel Screens are Standard Integral Recessed
  • ChimGard Rain Caps are Available, optional
  • Durable and Practical
  • Higher Height of Tops Provide Better Draft

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    The Can Clay Decorative ChimGard Chimney Tops are unique, offering features not found anywhere else. Not only will our chimney tops add beauty to your home, they will add height to your chimney that will increase draft of your fireplace for a better and more efficient operation.

    You get both beauty and practicability with the Can Clay Decorative Chimney Tops!

    Our skilled artisans begin with a top quality clay body that is mechanically extruded under high pressure that maximizes strength and density. After shaping of the clay, we carefully fire the chimney top at approximately 2000 degrees to form a solid mass that is impervious to the elements.

    Our unique design allows us to include with each top the removable ChimGard stainless steel screen that provides a barrier to keep birds from nesting in the chimney and spark arrestor protection. The screen is recessed into the chimney top and snaps in or out for cleaning. The standard opening is 1", 1/2" is available as an option.

    The optional ChimGard rain cap can be installed to provide an attractive and functional clay protector to reduce moisture from the fireplace. ChimGard rain caps and screens are only available from Can Clay Corporation. Various screen opening sizes are available per your request.

    For new home construction or for an existing home a Can Clay Decorative Chimney Top is an excellent and practical way to top off your home.

    We extrude the chimney tops under high pressure and cut and finish the top to a very high degree of smoothness. The resulting finished top has the highest quality surface of all manufacturers that is lets you know that you have the highest quality top available.

    The Chimney Tops in the table are depicted in 36" lengths. If shorter lengths are specified the proportion needs to be considered.

    When installing and selecting chimney tops for side by side installation, general practice suggests having different elevations to reduce the potential for a wind draft bringing the smoke from one fireplace down into the adjoining one.

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