News | October 25, 2022

City Of Princeton Installs Smart Solar Street Lights To Promote Sustainability

Off-grid Street Lights Now Light Up The Princeton Municipal Park

Princeton, TX /PRNewswire/ - The City of Princeton, Texas installed thirty-seven Smart off-grid solar street lights in the Princeton Municipal Park surrounding the Municipal Center. In efforts to improve energy resilience and promote sustainable alternatives, the city has taken action toward improving its local infrastructure.

The solar powered LED street lights, produced by Houston-based manufacturer EnGoPlanet, are designed to require no cabling, and light up using energy produced entirely by solar panels. This allows energy that would normally be taken off the local power grid to maintain street lighting to be redistributed.

Along with being a more sustainable alternative to traditional street lighting, the lights also minimize the disruption of infrastructure, demonstrating how transitioning to sustainable alternatives can be easier than many anticipate. EnGoPlanet's solar street lights are also designed with resilience in mind, considering extreme weather conditions and thereby removing the risk of darkness during these circumstances. This allows space for smart infrastructure that can function independently of power-grids, weather conditions, etc. all while being more sustainable in the long run.

The Municipal Park contains other sustainable items such as EV charging stations, which are the first steps the City of Princeton is taking toward creating more sustainable and smart infrastructure.

"Energy conservation and sustainability is the way of the future, the City of Princeton is proud to be able to implement these types of energy alternatives," says Derek Borg, City of Princeton City Manager.

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