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Clevon's T-Mobile Powered Autonomous Delivery Robot Fleet Zooms Into Smart City Peachtree Corners

Autonomous robot carriers (ARCs) help fulfill last-mile package, grocery, restaurant, retail and industrial deliveries

Peachtree Corners, GA /PRNewswire/ - Peachtree Corners – one of the nation's first smart cities powered by real-world connected infrastructure and 5G – today announced Clevon, a global autonomous delivery leader, is joining the city's Curiosity Lab ecosystem. The company's autonomous robot carriers (ARCs), powered by T-Mobile connectivity, are designed to collect orders at warehouses, retail stores, dark stores and micro fulfillment centers, and then deliver those goods to people and businesses around the city.

"It was only fitting to bring our second major operation here in the United States to one of the most advanced smart city environments in the world at Peachtree Corners," said Sander Sebastian Agur, Clevon's Chief Executive Officer. "A future-forward environment like this – complete with city-owned smart infrastructure, T-Mobile's best-in-class network and opportunities to interact with connected vehicles and people and businesses – is invaluable to our continued efforts to optimize autonomous robot carrier operation, including how they will navigate through real-world situations."

Clevon's fully electric ARCs have customizable configurations, to fulfill a multitude of business needs and offer an efficient and timely customer delivery experience. The robots can reduce failed deliveries, carbon emissions, cost of delivery per customer and stolen packages. Clevon brings a secure and on-demand and extremely energy-efficient delivery service that has proven itself in all-weather conditions on multiple continents.       

"We're proud to have adopted some of the world's most advanced emerging technologies here in Peachtree Corners, and we're delighted to continue that tradition by welcoming Clevon and their autonomous robot carriers to our community," said Brandon Branham, Curiosity Lab Executive Director. "From a city perspective, we are always looking to improve our residents' everyday lives with exciting new technologies. Showcasing how robotic solutions can help enhance package delivery operations while reducing congestion and emissions gives us a further peek into a brighter future."

Clevon's ARCs operate on U.S. public roadways and are purpose-built for delivering multiple shipments during a single trip. The driving system includes redundant perception technologies and leverages T-Mobile's IoT solutions. As part of the Curiosity Lab smart city ecosystem, Clevon will also be exploring live testing for 5G adoption in partnership with T-Mobile. Clevon provides reliable, efficient and safe last-mile services.

"As Clevon's preferred wireless provider in the U.S., we're thrilled to help them advance their Autonomous Driving System and remote monitoring systems in a real-world environment," said Dave Bezzant, Vice President, T-Mobile for Government. "We are proud to be supporting Clevon in this greater mission to create more sustainable and efficient delivery solutions."

About Clevon
Clevon introduced the third-generation autonomous robot carrier, the ARC, as the first robot in Europe to offer autonomous delivery services on public roads, starting parcel deliveries with DPD Estonia (part of Groupe LaPoste), DHL Express Estonia, and most recently with PostNet in Texas, US., followed by grocery delivery services with Colruyt Group in Belgium and IKI stores in Lithuania. On-demand delivery industries like grocery retailers, food businesses, and logistics providers partner with Clevon for safe, reliable, and customizable delivery solutions that are environmentally focused — all backed by a proven track record of 15 years of experience in robotics and automation technologies. In 2022, Clevon was founded after a clear-cut spin-off from Cleveron, the innovation leader in robotic click-and-collect solutions. Clevon has its US Headquarters in Fort Worth, TX and operates in the DFW region. Learn more at clevon.comFlickrLinkedIn, and YouTube.

About The City of Peachtree Corners, Georgia
As the heart of what is being called #SiliconOrchard in the metro-Atlanta region, Peachtree Corners is a vibrant municipality that's home to more than 45,000 residents, 45,000 jobs and an innovation hub that houses some of the world's most disruptive technology companies. As the United States' premier smart city powered by real-world connected infrastructure and 5G, Peachtree Corners serves as the model for how government and private industry can better collaborate to create a better future for society and business. From the world's first deployment of teleoperated e-scooters to fully autonomous shuttles being utilized by actual residents, and from a solar roadway to the largest electric vehicle fast-charging hub in the region, Peachtree Corners is where the most future-forward Internet of Things (IoT) and sustainable technologies come to life for the benefit of its citizens, and the world. For more information, visit

About Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners
Curiosity Lab is a 5G-enabled intelligent mobility and smart city living laboratory located in the southeastern United States near Atlanta, Georgia. Designed as a proving ground for IoT, mobility and smart city emerging technologies, the centerpiece of the lab is a three-mile public autonomous vehicle roadway leveraging cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technologies. Additional infrastructure includes intelligent traffic cameras and traffic signals, smart streetlights, the country's first "IoT Central Control Room" implemented in a city and a 25,000 square foot innovation center. Owned and operated by the City of Peachtree Corners, Curiosity Lab is one of North America's only real-world testing environments and is available for use free of charge. Additional information can be found at

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