Community Development Partner™

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Departmental workflow has never been smoother since the advent of CommunityDevelopmentPartner
Departmental workflow has never been smoother since the advent of CommunityDevelopmentPartner(TM). This flexible application supports all aspects of a municipality 's Community Development process and is fully supported by GovPartner's technical and municipal management staff.

After developing this unique Community Development management suite, the City of Sunnyvale, CA has been running and upgrading it since 1997. The City of Mountain View, CA has also been utilizing it since 1999. GovPartner recently obtained exclusive distribution to this powerful program, which includes the following features:

Building Plan Checks - Accurately tracks plan submittals, revisions, and plan checks. Instantly creates online plan-check documentation with simple word-processing drag and drop options. Correction lists can be captured automatically or attached as files.

Permits - Displays building permit status and history. Continuously tracks applications and approval process. Eliminates confusion and delays.

Inspections - Tracks customer inspection requests, creates inspection request reports, automatically schedules inspections, reports results and includes optional photo files for each project.

Complaint Processing - Tracks complaints and links administrative word-processed files to all communications. Feedback is documented and sorted for faster access.

Planning - Schedules hearings, monitors hearing notes, tracks appeals and enters public or staff comments, integrates word- processed documents (such as staff reports to Council) and tracks environmental impact information. Eliminates paper shuffle and schedule surprises.

Fees - Automatically calculates fees, provides an audit trail for manual fee override, maintains consistent fee schedules and tracks payments. Minimizes time-consuming discrepancies.

Administration/Document Management - Tracks special studies, links word-processed documents, assigns projects to staff and defines security access. Allows faster access for secure, selected users.

The stand-alone modules that make up the CommunityDevelopment Partner (TM) suite offer an enormous synergy of efficiency throughout local government systems. Whether used independently or in combination, each of the program's modules operate on Microsoft® SQL server and are adaptable to other technologies. As a flexible database it can be easily integrated with existing legacy-ware or customized to meet the unique needs of municipalities and departments desiring increased speed, access and cohesiveness in the Community Development process.

The Building Module offers permit application and payment, inspection scheduling, and plan-check tracking. This module lists individual projects and includes parcel and applicant information, square footage, assessment data and cost of construction data. The system can utilize GIS technology, but the software is flexible enough to integrate other software applications.

The Planning Module includes features that can be utilized in the Environmental Impact Review (EIR) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process. It includes a color-coded public hearing calendar that clearly depicts overlapping monthly meetings. This module makes it easy to include both staff reports in project files and descriptions of exempting criteria from the EIR process. Merging and managing massive amounts of information becomes clear and simple with this module.

The Code Compliance Module utilizes information from code violation complaints and sorts through related code ordinances to create files that include parcel, location data, digital photographs and appropriate responses. Complaint information is entered to generate inspection schedules. It also assigns inspection appointments by geographic zone to each Code Compliance Officer or employee. Any complex or mundane task becomes simplified to a matter of point and click with this timesaving module.

Since 1997, the year the City of Sunnyvale implemented the CommunityDevelopment Partner (TM) system, construction valuations have increased from $240 million to $320 million. However, utilizing this software the Building Safety Department has not needed to increase its staff to meet the increased demand for service.

The CommunityDevelopmentPartner (TM) system utilizes usernames and passwords to grant various levels of access to each user. It is flexible enough that one person can have different levels of access within each module of the overall system.

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