Compact, Economical Paperless Recorder

Source: ABB Automation Inc. Instrumentation Division
Bailey-Fischer & Porter has introduced a new video data recorder that is 1/2 DIN sized...
ABB Automation Inc. Instrumentation Division, Economical Paperless Recorder <%=company%> has introduced a new video data recorder that is 1/2 DIN sized, and costs around $1,000 less than a typical full DIN sized video recorder. It's intended for customers who want to replace those hard-to-repair and hard-to-replace 3 X 6 and ½ DIN strip chart recorders. It is also intended for those who are looking for a new stand-alone recorder, or who wish to move into the paperless recorder world. Called the Datavis Video Recorder, the four-channel unit can accept ranges of 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-1mA, 0-10VDC, or 0-1VDC.

The unit's blue, 92 X 200 pixel illuminated liquid crystal display (LCD) can show a variety of pre-configured screens and display information in bar graph , trend, and digital formats. Historical trend information can be viewed on a separate display. About 96,000 measured values can be stored in the 192 kilobyte battery-packed memory, enough for between three hours and three years of data, depending on the sampling rate. Four discrete outputs are assignable as alarms for process limits, and all four may be used for a single analog input or they may be distributed over the four analog inputs. The recorder is said to be well-suited for retrofits. For customers with vertical-style 3 X 6 strip chart recorders, the Datavis is offered with a 3 X 6 panel conversion kit, saving customers the need of modifying the panel cutout to accommodate a larger box, or move up to a PC-based system.