Compact Towable Backhoe 148/158

Source: Dig-It
Logical, user-friendly controls Self-propelled zero-turn maneuverability
Model 148 & 158
The Ultimate Cost-Saving Tool

Logical, user-friendly controls Self-propelled zero-turn maneuverability

Delivers 4100lbs. of digging force to a full 8'6" depth

With utility option, powerful hydraulics handle up to any class II hydraulic tools from breakers and tampers to concrete saws

Compact size allows power digging where big equipment can't
Wide floatation tires minimize restoration time and costs

Minimizes hand digging; saves on back injuries

Diesel engine models available

Towable behind any lightweight truck or utility vehicle, eliminating the need for a trailer, providing faster response time, and one-man hookup and operation efficiency.

Hydraulic hoses run internally through the backhoe boom, protecting against excessive wear or snagging.

Spherical bearings and bushings prevent cylinder sideloading for a long trouble-free life.

Commercial grade 18hp V-twin engines provide plenty of power for the backhoe and drive system hydraulics.

36" backfill blade allows backfilling and finish grading for quick and easy site restoration.

With the 36" cemetery bucket, 4100 lbs. of digging force and zero turn maneuverability, Dig-It is ideal for cemetery operations, opening sites easily, and minimizing restoration.

Narrows to an unbelievable 35" width! With just a simple pull of the axle tube pin and hydraulic quick disconnects, the 148 narrows to fit through doors, gates and walkways.

Self-storing positive boom latch prevents the boom from dropping or swinging during transport.

The 158 offers a built-in independent suspension system for smooth towing on rough terrain or at highway speeds.

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