Datasheet | August 27, 2009

Datasheet: Compsee OpenAsset Asset Tracking Package

Source: Compsee, A Division of Control Solutions, Inc.

With Compsee's OpenAsset, you easily can monitor and manage your physical asset inventory, including equipment, computers, furniture, fixtures, or other fixed assets.

OpenAsset employs barcode technology to:

  • Readily track individual assets by location, use, or individuals
  • Group assets by ownership, category, type, or model
  • Evaluate utilization and performance over the life of the asset
  • Keep close tabs on mobile assets such as laptops and hand held computers

OpenAsset provides a capability to dynamically track or locate individual assets, and maintains complete historical maintenance and repair information.

It enables you to determine where assets are used, to identify underutilized assets that may be deployed elsewhere rather than purchase additional units, and to evaluate performance relative to repair costs.

It even features a unique capability to define target inventory levels for spares and to automatically report variations.