News | June 27, 2024

Comtech Launches Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Public Safety Solution

New SmartAssist Solution to Enhance Emergency Response & Reduce Burden on 9-1-1 Call Handlers

Comtech (“the Company”), a global technology leader, today announced the launch of SmartAssist, an artificial intelligence (“AI”)-backed solution developed to answer low-priority non-emergency calls without engaging a telecommunicator.

SmartAssist is designed to help Emergency Communications Centers (“ECCs”) and Public Safety Answering Points (“PSAPs”) manage call and Internet of Things device volumes by using AI chatbots to answer and triage non-emergency calls. The first of many applications in SmartAssist relies on AI bots programmed using conversational design to understand the natural language of the caller and resolve the caller’s request without the need for human intervention for non-emergency calls.

“One of the most critical challenges ECCs face today is staffing shortages, which can cause delays in 9-1-1 call answering times,” said Jeff Robertson, President of Comtech’s Terrestrial & Wireless Networks Segment. “Our SmartAssist solution solves call volume challenges and staffing shortages by streamlining 9-1-1 workflows with new AI-backed capabilities that can effectively handle most non-emergency administrative calls without telecommunicator assistance. Built on Comtech’s industry-leading public safety solutions, SmartAssist further demonstrates our ability to deliver innovative first-to-market solutions that solve today’s most pressing public safety challenges.”

The SmartAssist solution provides robust AI-backed voice and chatbot capabilities that enable public safety customers to leverage customized response solutions for a broad spectrum of low-priority non-emergency caller inquiries, ranging from text messages and form creation to foreign language capacities and performance metrics.

SmartAssist Pilot Programs:
Comtech is partnering with multiple agencies and its Next Generation 911 customers across the United States in pre-market trials to integrate and deploy SmartAssist in PSAPs connected to the Company’s NG911 networks to enhance non-emergency 9-1-1 response rates, effectively prioritize mission-critical calls, improve situational awareness, and reduce staffing shortages.

SmartNG Portfolio:
SmartAssist is the first solution within Comtech’s SmartNG portfolio of services. The Company’s SmartNG portfolio of services will enable the convergence of Next Generation 911 and AI solutions to enhance and optimize ECC/PSAP workflows. As the first SmartNG service offered, SmartAssist will significantly enhance public safety call processing, reduce emergency response times, and alleviate the impacts of staffing shortages.

SmartAssist integrates with existing administrative phone lines without requiring changes to the Call Handling Equipment, allowing Comtech customers to immediately begin benefitting from this staff augmentation tool.

Comtech is continuing to build out its SmartNG portfolio, which will include other interoperable AI-backed capabilities that incorporate language identification, transcription, translation, and advanced analytics, among other services. Comtech’s SmartNG portfolio creates new comprehensive public safety solutions designed with the future in mind-enhancing emergency response and assisting with staffing challenges.

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Source: Comtech