DataTech 2000 Software

Source: Ratech Electronics Ltd.
The DataTech 2000 software is Ratech's newest information technology oriented product.
Ratech Electronics Limited of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada has recently introduced into their product lineup a Windows based pipeline inspection program. Ratech has been involved in the software side of the pipeline inspection indus-try for nearly ten years having developed DOS based programs for numerous contractors and municipalities. The venture into a Windows based program was natural.

The DataTech 2000 software is Ratech's newest information technology oriented product. Built on a Windows platform, the data collection software is integrated with WRc (Water Research Center) comments from The Manual of Sewer Condition Classification. The WRc standards are aiding the industry by providing a standardized diction for CCTV sewer line inspection. WRc is recognized globally as the leader in this area and so it was only fitting for the DataTech 2000 to operate using this standard.

Designed with the end-user in mind and being Windows based, the DataTech 2000 provides a fast, accurate, and easy method for the gathering of data of infrastructure information by field personnel. Also, the software can be mastered quickly and easily in under an hour: It makes no difference if the user is an experienced computer operator or is using a computer for the first time because the program is visual based and operates on the point and click concept. The point and click concept minimizes the amount of operator input required during an inspection. This helps to increase the overall efficiency of the inspection process.

RS-232 Capable
To further increase efficiency and accuracy of the data, Ratech Electronics has also developed an optional upgrade to the DataTech 2000. The DataTech Premium Edition is RS-232 ready. The program is automatically fed time codes from a RS-232 compliant VCR. This means that the operator does not control the VCR during the inspection but instead the inspection software has full control over the VCR functions. Stop, pause, rewind, fast-forward and record are all the responsibilities of the DataTech 2000 software. This feature helps to keep the operators concentration where it should be – on the inspection.

Contractors using the new program, that have switched from old DOS based programs, have found an increase in the amount of meters/feet inspected daily. Municipalities, also, have found that the accuracy of the gathered data is much more reliable compared to older programs.

The DataTech 2000 software also contains its own reporting functions. Distinct and easy to read reports are quickly created within the inspection vehicle. The printed reports may then be passed onto the engineer for analysis. Alternatively, data may be exported to disk and brought into the office for use with the office edition of the software.

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