News | July 1, 2022

Digital Traffic Management From AVS - So That Everyone Gets Home Safely

Complete roadwork monitoring and analysis in real time

Inconsistent data and lack of real-time monitoring

The initial situation: There is a legal obligation for traffic safety companies to regularly monitor a construction site according to defined criteria and to document this. This involves considerable effort and often long travel distances to the construction site. Different solutions of a comprehensive traffic control center mean different, complex monitoring options, operating concepts and evaluation options for the user such as road authorities, police, cities & municipalities and other public or private users. Until now, it has not always been possible to adequately take into account and present the individual circumstances of a construction project in traffic management.

Complete construction site monitoring and analysis in real time
In just one portal, the customer can find everything at a glance. LED congestion warning systems, travel time calculations, location of temporary markings, monitoring of lanes with state-of-the-art camera technology and sensor systems - especially during peak times, traffic obstructions can be responded to immediately. Cameras monitor the traffic, automatically swivel into the congestion area if a traffic jam occurs and focus on the danger zone. Strategically placed data points monitor the flow of traffic and transmit relevant data live to the portal. This real-time transmission of speed and traffic flow reports, camera images as well as position data, provides the client with a comprehensive and unified platform with information from every measure on the traffic situation.

Intelligent, sustainable traffic solution
Being able to collect, combine and evaluate data at any time means taking a big step into the future of mobility, using innovative technologies for an optimal and sustainably used infrastructure. AVS digital traffic management offers a user-friendly solution that can be customized for any project requirement.

Source: AVS Verkehrssicherung

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