Dye Tracers

Source: Bright Dyes, Division Of Kingscote Chemicals
Dye Tracers
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Choosing a product color:

Choice of color should be based on contrast to the background color of the water body. For instance, FWT Red offers greater contrast to heavy concentrations of algae.

Fluorescent FWT Red and FLT Yellow/Green because of their fluorescent nature have a greater apparent contrast than non-fluorescent blue.

For fluorometric testing use fluorescent FWT Red 200, it is more easily detected by fluorometric equipment.

Fluorescent FWT Red and FLT Yellow/Green may also be detected visually with a simple hand-held laboratory black light (UV) at significantly lower levels - in the range of 10ppb.

Blue is frequently used for decorative effects, evaluation of household systems, and generally where the blue may be more acceptable to public view.

FLT Yellow/Green disappears in sunlight more rapidly than Fluorescent FWT Red and non-fluorescent Blue.

All colors are resistant to the absorption of suspended matter.

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