Enterprise Asset Management System

Source: Datastream Systems, Inc.
Datastream 7i is the most technically advanced asset management solution for helping companies buy, target, manage, and sell their capital assets.
Datastream 7i is the most technically advanced asset management solution for helping companies buy, track, manage, and sell their capital assets. Combining superior technology with a modular design, Datastream 7i helps companies incorporate asset management into every aspect of their operations.

Datastream 7i is the industry's first fully Web-architected asset management system. Users may access Datastream 7i through a standard Internet browser from anywhere and at any time, allowing them to minimize network traffic and avoid purchasing expensive hardware. And because Datastream 7i is built on open Internet standards such as Java and XML, it is easy to integrate with other enterprise systems.

Developed using Oracle Developer 6i, Datastream 7i makes full use of Oracle's Internet Application Server (iAS), the Oracle 8i database and stored procedures to guarantee database integrity and a robust, scaleable, enterprise-wide application. Datastream 7i enables efficient use of computer hardware by minimizing network traffic over modern LANs and WANs. The application is fully portable over a multitude of hardware platforms.

To further reduce capital expenses and labor associated with IT departments, Datastream offers Datastream 7i through hosted services. With the hosted delivery method, customers eliminate hardware and software concerns by loading and storing their data at a secure remote location. In addition, Datastream has built in layers of redundancy and a host of other safeguards for an unparalleled level of security and reliability. As a result, companies get secure access to one integrated solution for all their asset lifecycle management needs at a much lower total cost of ownership than client/server models.

Datastream 7i's maintenance functionality helps maximize the efficiency of operations and minimize the costs of maintenance. Implemented in various industries, including Mining, Oil & Gas, Communications, Transportation, and Utilities, Datastream 7i will enhance and accelerate existing asset management functionality with:

  • workflow/business process templates that increase speed and accuracy of data input/retrieval by establishing set protocols and screen accessibility based on either job title or task;
  • real-time tracking of mobile assets and rotatable spares via barcoding or hand-held computer;
  • packaged reports for automatic capture of all information relating to ISO 9000 or other industry certification for ease in compliance; and
  • customized industry-specific screens, forms and reports—so that a technician performing a particular job will see only those fields relating directly to the task at hand.
In addition, unlike other asset management systems, Datastream 7i offers the type of electronic system addressed by the Food and Drug Administration's Title 21 Code of Federal Redulations (21 CFR 11) and helps companies comply with regulations dealing with electronic records and signatures. Meeting the requirements of 21 CFR 11 is less expensive with an asset management system that already has multi-layered security, record tracking functionality, and the configurability to meet company-specific needs.

Datastream 7i makes it easy to manage assets effectively. With two editions, Standard and Enterprise, Datastream 7i offers customers the right tools to meet any asset management challenge.

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