News | December 6, 2022

Equature Releases Automated Transcription

Southfield, MI /PRNewswire/ - Equature released its automated transcription service built directly into their recording software. Equature's transcription automatically transcribes all audio captured by its recording system and aligns it with the call to easily listen and follow along throughout the transcription.

Equature Transcription is a first-of-its-kind transcription and full-text search engine. Equature Transcription provides automated transcription of audio from 9-1-1 calls, radio transmissions, Equature Armor Body-worn Camera video, and any other form of media captured within the Equature recording system. Once transcribed, all written text is searchable within the system.

Designed specifically for Public Safety, Equature combines automatic transcription services, robust reporting features, and advanced user capabilities to create a customizable public safety suite to meet the needs of each agency. Leadership can quickly identify when assistance is needed or be ready to prepare for additional resources based on the transcription seen.

Transcription Uses in Public Safety
Reduce Information Gathering Time - Automated 9-1-1, business line, and radio transmission transcription can reduce the amount of time spent on information gathering while writing reports. With the ability to include portions of the transcription directly into the report, agencies will see a significant decrease in time and money spent on report writing.

Reduce Time Performing Quality Assurance (Monitor what Matters) - Reduce time performing Quality Assurance (QA) with the ability to find any words of interest within a transcript. For example, audio that contains words or phrases such as gun shots, cardiac, or fire is made quickly available with transcription searching.

Release FOIA Requests Quicker - With transcription, agencies will see a faster turnaround time to release phone calls and radio traffic when a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request is received. The document can be quickly obtained, appropriately redacted or segregated, and released in digital format.

Eliminate the Transcription of Records by Hand - This process is tedious and takes significant personnel time. Artificial intelligence-based transcription automatically transfers the tedious task.

Enhance In-House Training - With automated transcription, calls can be reviewed, word-by-word, with sections highlighting areas of improvement. The transcription can be used in scenario exercises as well, highlighting a real call with a clear picture of what happened for tabletop review.

Source: Equature

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