EZ Form Bollard

Source: Strike Tool

 EZ Form Bollard
Perfect for the pre-caster or contractor
  • The EZ Form Bollard will eliminate a heavy, (hard to handle) steel pipe, which requires priming and painting to eliminate rust and provide color.
  • Will provide you with a lightweight form and protective color poly skin all in one.
  • It comes in a standard safety yellow or many different colors for decorative uses.
  • Will provide a cost efficient, no maintenance, easy installation colored Bollard.
  • Perfect for the pre-caster or contractor. Comes in 7 foot lengths allowing for 42-inches in the ground.
  • Remove the cap, pour concrete into the EZ Form Bollard. For added strength 2 sections of rebar is recommended.
Perfect for the pre-caster or contractor. Simply fill the EZ Form Bollard with concrete. Insert two sections of rebar and apply the cap. It's that easy! EZ Form Bollards are easy to create and will virtually last forever.

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