Fertil-Fibers NutriMulch

Source: Quattro Environmental
Fertil-Fibers NutriMulch
Fertil-Fibers NutriMulch is an affordable organic fiber bulk
Restores humus -- the natural source of soil fertility -- and provides sustained nutrients for long-lived plant growth.

Fertil-Fibers NutriMulch is an affordable organic fiber bulk. This environmentally safe and easy to use "organics booster" enables soil to function as an integrated, ecologically balanced system. Our objective of improving soil addresses the self-sustaining health of plants, making soil sufficiently rich so plants get all the nutrients they need in a natural, slow release process.

Other Benefits of Fertil-Fibers NutriMulch:

  • Reduces or may eliminate the need for the addition of costly topsoil to disturbed sites.
  • Reduces the need for complementary fertilization.
  • Does not import weeds or encourage weed growth.
  • Does not rob the soil of nitrogen.
  • Slow, sustained release of organically bound nitrogen provides sufficient supply of all vital nutrients to germinating seeds and growing plants throughout the first growing season and longer (versus soluble nitrogen, which is often depleted prior to seed germination).
  • Results in far lower concentrations of nitrate in ground water than chemical fertilizers.
  • Economical, environmentally safe, easy to use.

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