FIBER PAVED Polypropylene Fiber Extrudamat Joint/Crack Sealer System

Source: Fiberized Products, Inc.
Fast application, excellent protection against water penetration and reflective cracking
FIBER PAVE 5010 Joint/Crack Sealer is extruded hot, under pressure, through a specially designed wand and disk applicator that forces the material into joint/crack openings. As a result, joints and cracks are filled with FIBER PAVE from the bottom to the surface. In addition, the Extrudamat applicator provides a banding membrane on the pavement's surface to seal the joint/crack. Crack or seal repairs made with conventional sealants do not normally fill the opening to the bottom, nor do they provide a surface membrane to prevent water from entering the opening after joint/crack expansion.

FIBER PAVE 5010 is a fine denier, short length polypropylene fiber designed for use as an asphalt reinforcement. When property dispersed in asphalt cement, it improves asphalt cohesion, strength, and elasticity. They have improved the physical properties making it feasible to seal cracks and joints with a protective membrane hat is longer lasting and easier and faster to apply.

FIBER PAVE polypropylene has 50% more fiber surface area per pound than polyester. Polypropylene is measurably better asphalt reinforcement.
Membranes made with FIBER PAVE and hot asphalt cement, and applied using the Extrudamat joint/crack sealing system, offer excellent protection against water penetration. It also maintains seal integrity. Rolling is generally not required. Application can beaver bituminous or Portland cement concrete pavements.

One-Step Application
Membranes made with FIBER PAVE are intended for use with the Extrudamat applicator as shown above. It attaches to the delivery hose of conventional equipment and offers a laborsaving, one-step application method.

FIBER PAVE Joint/Crack Sealer has been used in numerous applications on primary and secondary roads, bridge decks, and airport runways. Extensive laboratory and field tests over the past ten years have shown Fiber Pave Joint/Crack Sealer to be the most cost-effective sealant on the market.


  • Fast application rate.
  • Maintains excellent seal integrity against water and salt penetration.
  • No routing, rolling, priming, or leveling with a squeegee.
  • Higher cold-temperature elongation.
  • Outlasts conventional sealants.
  • Effectively retards reflective cracking.
  • Provides excellent adhesion to pavement

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