White Paper

White Paper: Five Ways To Reduce Fuel Consumption Using GPS Tracking


Fleet management technology is changing the way fleet managers look at vehicle fuel consumption. Every fleet, big or small, must pay for fuel. The challenge is to consume it in the most effective way possible.

As fuel costs continue to rise, business owners and fleet managers seek cost-effective ways to manage this unavoidable expense. GPS fleet tracking technology can be one of the most cost effective means to manage fuel consumption. Reduced margins and heavy competition in delivery, distribution and transportation service industries create a high level of urgency for every business to implement an effective fleet management system that can manage costs and provide a measureable return on investment (ROI).

A recent study conducted by C. J. Driscoll & Associates reported that the number of local fleet vehicles equipped with GPS tracking has nearly doubled in the last four years from 920,000 units to more than 1,173,000. The report states that the single most important reason for this market growth has been the significant increase in awareness and acceptance among fleet operators of the high ROI obtained with GPS fleet management solutions.