White Paper

GPS Fleet Management Buyer's Guide

Selecting the right GPS fleet tracking solution for your business is not an easy decision or one to take lightly. With an increase in the number of solutions available in the marketplace, finding your way through the considerable amount of choices can seem a daunting challenge. Moreover, the functionality and feature set of each solution can differ and should depending on your company's needs. A GPS vehicle tracking solution is not a "one size fits all" solution. The functionality that a small to medium size business needs varies greatly compared to a large enterprise organization's needs. Finding the right system for your business requires research of the available options and solutions.

Additionally, you should consider the breadth of your daily operations. Are you a small HVAC company that makes service calls to residential locations within a small metro area? Alternatively, are you a national food and beverage distribution company that needs a fleet management solution for vehicles dispatched nationwide? Finding the solution that best fits your organization will ease deployment and enhance user adoption.

In an Aberdeen Group benchmark study, 60 percent of respondents cited resource cost pressures as the most important market driver for looking into a GPS Vehicle Tracking solution. This buyer's guide will help you "navigate your purchasing path" and find the solution that maximizes your revenue while reducing operational costs. Selecting a solution that is easy to use and provides rapid ROI should be your primary goal because, ultimately, it comes down to your bottom line.