Case Study

Grey Eagle Casino Utilizes MBR System To Meet Advanced Wastewater Treatment Needs


The Grey Eagle Casino was a new commercial venture by the Tsuu T’ina Nation, in partnership with Sonco Gaming (Alberta) Ltd. This casino and future hotel/entertainment project is located on Tsuu T’ina lands in southwest Calgary.  The location had no water and sewer services, and had tight standards for discharging the wastewater that ultimately goes into Pine Creek. Any discharge at this location required advanced treatment, including a highly filtered effluent, with nitrogen removal to levels below 10 mg/L total nitrogen, and phosphorus removal to levels less than 0.5 mg/L.

In addition to advanced treatment, the site layout required a compact system that would allow both the wastewater treatment and water treatment systems to be housed in the same building.  The close proximity of the equipment to the casino made stringent odour control necessary. A very tight project schedule, as well as the short supply of
construction labour during a period of heavy oilfield development, created a preference for a simple, prefabricated system that could be installed quickly and inexpensively.