HI-ARCH Gambrel

Source: Advanced Storage Technology, Inc.
HI-ARCH Gambrel
The Hi-Arch Gambrel offers more than just salt can also be a versatile year-round public works facility
Advanced Storage Technology, Inc.Arch Gambrel offers more than just salt can also be a versatile year-round public works facility. Options include:

  • Lean-to for shop, office, or covered storage
  • One or more entrances, with or without doors
  • Side entrances
  • Other materials and features for your specific requirements

    Unlike many other storage facilities, the Hi-Arch Gambrel can be easily expanded with cost-efficient eight-foot bays.

    In addition to salt and sand storage, the Hi-Arch Gambrel can also be used for the storage of:

  • Bulk materials such as coal, potash, and fertilizer
  • Road construction and repair materials such as gravel and recycled asphalt
  • Corrosive and caustic materials

    Environmental regulations have never been stricter. That's why we've designed the Hi-Arch Gambrel to help you meet or exceed most environmental standards. Salt and other hazardous materials are kept and handled under cover, so there's no salt runoff to contaminate water and soil. The result - you limit your liability and keep the environment safe.

    Advanced Storage Technology, Inc.Arch Gambrel is a winner in today's cost-conscious climate. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Inside operations prevent salt loss from wind, moisture, and double handling.
  • The Hi-Arch Gambrel's high volume capacity allows you to save on bulk material purchases.
  • You'll realize increased productivity, improved employee morale, and safer working conditions
  • High-strength wood construction cuts maintenance costs.
  • We've eliminated the need for costly conveyors and ventilation fans.
  • Structurally sound, corrosion resistant, and less expensive than concrete.
  • Future expansion is possible with the Hi-Arch Gambrel.

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