Hydro-Blanket Erosion Control Blanket

Source: Terra-Mulch
Hydro-Blanket Erosion Control Blanket
Use and specify Hydro-Blanket wherever quick, dense vegetation is required and on severe slopes
A patented mechanically bonded fiber matrix for erosion control on steep slopes. Our product contains 90% Wood Fiber, 5% Tacking Agent III and 5% Locking Fibers for proven erosion control performance. Hydro-Blanket requires no cure time and the integrity of the fiber mulch matrix is warranted for 6 months! Use and specify Hydro-Blanket wherever quick, dense vegetation is required and on severe slopes where the threat of soil loss, water contamination or excessive runoff dictates an effective treatment. Hydro-Blanket is easy to load, mix, and apply. Hydro-Blanket is designed to work well in ALL types of hydraulic seeding equipment. Hydro-Blanket not only meets or exceeds the performance of other BFM products, it also beat Conventional Straw and Excelsior Erosion Control Blankets (ECB) in every category tested! Hydro-Blanket utilizes the latest technology to produce a lower cost, sprayed-in-place blanket. Hydro-Blanket controls erosion on slopes while increasing water absorption into the seed bed, Thus enhancing the establishment of vegetation. Hydro-Blanket represents state-of-the-art technology and is the only BFM to incorporate a crimped polyester fiber that dramatically improves the mechanical (fiber-to-fiber-to-soil) bond within the mulch matrix. Combining our Re-Fiber Wood, Terra-Mulch Tacking Agent III and Locking Fibers in our advanced manufacturing process results in 5 TIMES MORE interlocking fibers than any BFM on the market. Ingredients are nontoxic, biodegradable, photo degradable and are safe for the environment, even in today's sensitive areas. Hydro-Blanket is effective immediately after application (no cure time required).

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