Incubation Control Module

Source: Phipps & Bird, Inc.
Incubation Control Module
The IncuMate Incubation Control Module is specially designed for use by smaller water and wastewater
Phipps & Bird, Inc.e Incubation Control Module is designed for use by smaller water and wastewater treatment facilities. When used with a refrigerator, the system performs any incubation procedure requiring a temperature range of 5°–40°C including: biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), trihalomethane formation potential (TFP), heterotrophic plate count (HPC) and Coliform.

The system's built-in heater and circulating fan will operate continuously to provide thorough air circulation at the desired temperature. At start-up or after the temperature control has been reset, the temperature will stabilize in about an hour.


  • 5 ¼ in. W x 3 ¾ in. L

  • 110v and 220v

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