Inductive Conductivity Transmitter

Source: Burkert
Inductive Conductivity Transmitter
This new inductive "toroidal" Type 8226 sensor/transmitter/controller is well suited for "dirty"
Burkertductive "toroidal" Type 8226 sensor/transmitter/controller is well suited for "dirty" fluids, water, wastewater and contaminated fluids where deposits are a concern. Typical applications include conductivity control for fertilizer dosing, boiler water control, cooling water monitoring, dosing of chemicals in cleaning equipment, clean-in-place (CIP) applications, waste water, evaporation and concentrators and others with conductivities >200 mS/cm.

Featuring built-in temperature compensation, the combination sensor/transmitter/controller functions in a three-wire circuit and outputs a standard 4-20mA signal. The fittings are available in PVC, PP, PVDF, brass or stainless steel, with either weld ends, male or female threaded ports, flange or tri-clamps. Seals can be EPDM or FPM.

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