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INFINIQ Showcases Cutting-Edge Anonymization Solution And AI Data Platform At The 2023 Korea-Japan Next-Gen Mobility Technology Exhibition

Seoul /PRNewswire/ - The leading AI solution provider, INFINIQ, is set to make waves at the 2023 Korea-Japan Next-Generation Mobility Technology Exhibition in Nagoya, Japan. INFINIQ will unveil two groundbreaking innovations: the revolutionary personal data anonymization solution, HEIDI-AI; and the comprehensive AI data service platform, AI-STUDIO.

Enhanced from its renowned product, WELLID, HEIDI-AI is an integrated AI monitoring solution that anonymizes personal information within video content and enables the search for specific events. It automatically blurs or replaces areas containing personal information such as faces and vehicle license plates in images and videos. Trained on over 200 million records of global data across various conditions such as daytime, nighttime, weather, age, and ethnicity, it ensures an incredible anonymization accuracy of 99%. It has various options, including On-premises, SaaS, and Embedded configurations.

HEIDI-AI's applications are far-reaching, spanning across public data utilization, autonomous driving research, and AI learning domains. Its capacity to preserve content quality while upholding stringent personal data protection positions it as a trailblazing solution for multiple industries, including public institutions, integrated control centers, legal agencies, information security firms, and forensic organizations.

In addition to HEIDI-AI, AI-STUDIO is an all-in-one platform that addresses the end-to-end AI model development process. It continuously collects and integrates various data, and in cases where collection is difficult, it can generate synthetic data. Furthermore, it easily converts data into information to enhance the performance of AI models. It has a variety of options, including Managed service, SaaS, and On-Premises options.

Expressing his perspective on the breakthrough technologies, Joonhyung Park, CEO of INFINIQ stated, "The journey towards autonomous driving necessitates not only efficient AI models but also reliable personal information protection system." Park also made it clear that INFINIQ is proactive and passionate in cultivating strong business partnerships with Japanese automotive entities, sensor manufacturers, and AI model development firms.

As a distinguished AI solution pioneer hailing from South Korea, INFINIQ stands as an esteemed member of the Born2Global Centre. With a trailblazing trajectory in AI data services since 2016, the company has fostered collaborations with prominent global automotive OEMs and Tier1 corporations, providing top-tier datasets for AI advancement. INFINIQ's distinguished contributions have garnered recognition as a participant in the esteemed NVIDIA Inception Program.

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