Case Study

Innovative new development in road repair lasts longer and saves money

Although the conventional approach to pothole repair is by its nature temporary, a new repair system has been developed that appears to be both environmentally friendly and long lasting. Plus, it works with both asphalt and concrete roads. Parsec Roadway Application Systems, Inc. (PRAS) has developed a new roadway repair system utilizing Asphalt Reinforcement Technology (ARTTM). PRAS produces a pothole and roadway repair system, designed to last up to 10 years or more, for both asphalt and concrete roads using components made predominantly from recycled plastic waste.

The system works with both asphalt and concrete road repairs

The system acts as a foundation for repairs and is installed prior to the use of asphalt or concrete fill material. The system can also be used for bridge abutments, bus stops and railroad crossings in the deteriorating infrastructure.

The use of the recycled plastics has an added bonus in that it can be the basis for a positive, environmentally sensitive publicity campaign on how a community recycles waste material.

It has been estimated that over a 10-year period, a community can realize taxpayers' savings of approximately $750,000 for every 10,000 square feet of PRAS material. These savings are based on labor costs, material costs, equipment costs, insurance claims/premiums and a 10-year repair life span.

Other benefits of the PRAS system include:

  • Taxpayer satisfaction due to more effective and durable street repairs
  • Reduced traffic congestion and holdups
  • Reduced auto repairs for fronted suspension and tires
  • Improved productivity of patching crews
  • Reduced number of tort claims/lawsuits traceable to accidents and injuries caused by potholes

The Federal Highway Administration estimates there are more than 100 million potholes in the United States and that the number increases up to 10 percent per year depending upon geographical location. The PRAS System addresses this pothole issue along with associated alligator cracking.


  • The PRAS System is the only product on the market that totally complies with the federal mandate to use recycled plastic materials when applying for federal road repair funds.

  • The PRAS System is packaged to be adaptable to any repair site and all components are easily cut to fit a repair area without costly special equipment.

  • Road repair crews have developed preferences over the years for the type of fill material that is best suited for their climatic conditions. The PRAS System allows them to use the same materials but to reinforce repairs so that they have a higher density and, as a result, a greatly extended repair life span.

  • The PRAS System components are completely compatible with hot-in-place-recycling or other asphalt recycling methods. Since the PRAS material bonds so well with hot mix asphalt, the components melt and become homogenous with the recycled asphalt when it is re-heated.

When properly installed, the PRAS System has a life span in excess of 10 years and will reinforce a repair site that will easily last as long as the existing road surface.

In order to ensure correct installation, each road crew will be trained by a field sales representative who will also make periodic visits to new repair sites to assist crews on proper installation of the PRAS System.

For more information, contact Guy Wonnald, Parsec Roadway Application Systems, Inc., 10345 Brockwood Lane, Dallas, Texas 75238, 800-527-3454 or 214-341-6700, ext. 1 16.