News | August 6, 2019

KinouWell Technology Introduces Parking Lot Sensor & Parking Payment Machine For Parking Facility Management

The parking lot sensor gives real-time data about the parking space occupancy whereas the parking meter is a device used to collect money in exchange of dispensing the parking ticket.

There are different types of products and solutions that KinouWell Technology offers for managing a parking facility. They have parking lot sensors for detecting parking occupancy in a real-time manner, and also parking meters that can be used for collecting parking tickets by paying the parking fees. These are advanced solutions that are important for parking facilities, keeping in mind the large number of vehicles they have to manage at their facilities on a daily basis.

According to the spokesperson of the company, their parking lot sensor is easy to install and a low-maintenance sensor that can gather real-time information on the occupancy of the parking space. With this real-time data on the individual parking space, one will be able to manage the parking facility on a daily basis with more efficiency. Besides, it can also be helpful in the long-term management of the parking space. The sensor could be important for the vehicular traffic management in the parking space both on-street and off-street. It is designed to detect when a car enters a parking facility and when it leaves. The data are sent to the gateway through the wireless communication. It uses two different types of wireless communication systems, LORAWAN and the NB-IoT.

The spokesperson reveals that their parking payment machine is another important machine that the on-street parking facilities must have for collecting payments from car drivers. The machine can dispense parking tickets to car owners who pays for the parking rights for a limited period of time at the parking facility. These machines are particularly useful for municipalities to help enforce their parking policy on the streets. The machines not only allow for a smooth traffic movement on the streets, but also used for the revenue generation. According to the spokesperson, this machine comes with several astounding features. For example, it can run on the pure solar power supply. The machine can be installed in the open and the battery can get charged in the daylight.

The parking meter designed by the company is robust enough to withstand environmental elements, such as rain, dust, UV etc. Moreover, the machine’s design is theft-proof, and one can never break it open. It comes with an embedded installation system that can prevent the machine from being stolen or destroyed. It also comes fitted with the real-time intrusion detection system and sends out alarms in case of there is any attempt of vandalism. The door of the machine can be opened using passwords, but not by the key. Thus, the machine is smart and ensures another layer of protection.

Source: Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd