News | October 27, 2023

LED iBond Wins 3 Parking Facility Projects With Built-In Software-Based Light Management Solution – An Important Milestone In LED iBond's Strategy Towards Becoming A Turnkey Solution Provider

During 2023, LED iBond has developed two light management solutions targeted at parking facilities, solar carports and indoor parking garages. The two solutions differ in complexity and supported functionality and are marketed as Smart Light Control and Advanced Light Management, respectively.

LED iBond is proud to announce two orders for large scale carport projects in Germany and the UK that includes both the patented flagship product TRACY together with LED iBond’s Smart Light Control system. LED iBond has also received an order for a larger indoor parking garage project in Copenhagen that includes TRACY together with LED iBond’s software-based Advanced Light Management solution.

The three orders booked amount total DKK 0.5 million. The order for the project in UK is only first phase of a very large parking facility under construction, and additional orders for this project is expected for Q1 2024 (expected order value is minimum DKK 0.5 million).

Martin Løbel, CEO of LED iBond international comments:
“I’m delighted to see that our development efforts and new offering of light management systems add value to our customers and that we have been successful in winning orders for several larger projects within the parking facility segment. It is an important milestone in LED iBond’s strategy towards becoming a full solution provider, where we deliver turnkey solutions.

As a solution provider, we take on more responsibility for the technical aspects such as installation design and system configuration, but we can see that our customers demand complete lighting solutions that are more plug-and-play rather than just light panels. It is a demanding strategy for LED iBond, but the announced orders show that it is the right direction, and it strengthens our competitiveness and value for our partners and customers”.

Successful development of own Software and Hardware
LED iBond’s Advanced Light Management system is based on proprietary software and hardware. The system is in beta phase and the first implementation of the light management system is scheduled for the end of year, when the indoor parking facility in Copenhagen is completed. The system can control even the largest lighting installations with a broad range of functionality such as dynamic lighting zones, varying schedules, and multiple scenarios to support multiple use cases.

Focus for additional offerings for complete solutions - Emergency lighting
In addition to customer needs for lighting control solutions, customers also request emergency light solutions in case of electrical black outs in an area. Such emergency functionality is required by law in most countries, and consequently LED iBond has developed an emergency power supply solution that works with TRACY light panels; This allows TRACY light panels to light up even during electrical black outs and act as emergency lighting. The value to customers is that they can save the cost and installation of dedicated emergency lamps.

The indoor parking garage project in Copenhagen is the first project that includes LED iBond’s emergency power supply solution.

The emergency lighting solution is an example of additional offerings that LED iBond is pursuing to make the product portfolio for parking facilities even more complete and attractive to our potential customers.

Source: LED iBond International A/S