Liquid Biostimulants

Source: Probiotic Solutions
These products are designed to accelerate the degradation
Probiotic Solutionscts are designed to accelerate the degradation of organic waste in soil and wastewater. Bio Energizer provides nutrients and biostimulants to balance and enhance the existing microbial activity in wastewater and soil. Bio Feed is used with Bio Energizer in nutrient deficient applications as a concentrated nutrient supplement. Micatrol is used as a supplement to aid in the breakdown of solvents, oils, harsh chemicals and other carbon-based contaminants. Other features include:

•Controlling odors
•Lowering BOD/COD levels
•Increasing lagoon capacity
•Cutting costs and down time
•Enhancing water biology
•Increasing dissolved oxygen levels
•Improving digestion of sludge and grease

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