Liquid Deicer

Source: Cryotech Deicing Technology
Liquid Deicer
CF7 is a low-corrosion liquid deicer

CF7, featured at the APWA Exposition in Las Vegas, is a low-corrosion liquid deicer. It is potassium-acetate based and contains no chlorides; therefore it is safe for structural steel and reinforcing steel embedded in concrete. Because it is an acetate, the product is said to biodegrade with little environmental impact.

Material Specifications:

  • Composition: 50% aqueous potassium acetate solution, by weight, plus corrosion inhibitors.
  • Appearance: clear, colorless, mobile liquid, free from matter in suspension
  • Density (at 20°C): 1.28 gm/cm3 (10.7 lbs/gal)
  • Flash Point: Nonflammable
  • Freezing Point: -60°C (-76°F)
  • Miscibility with Water: Complete
  • Typical pH: 11.0 +0.5

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