Mainline Inspection Systems

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Mainline Inspection Systems
For the larger jobs, we offer a more suitable system for the task at hand. Ratech's RETIS (Remote Electronic Television Inspection System) main line system may be just what you are looking for to complete your jobs
RETIS Visuvan (Remote Electronic Television Inspection System)

The Retis Visuvan, is a quality, self-contained, all weather television inspection vehicle for sewer and pipe inspection. The Retis Visuvan combines a low maintenance, high performance and dependable method of pinpointing sewer problems without the costly trial and error methods of excavation. It gives the owner a high quality, state-of-the-art inspection tool with which can verify specifications, workmanship, alignment and grade information before final acceptance on new or reconditioned installations and projects.

Preventative maintenance procedures can be easily set up on a year-round basis to monitor and repair small problems before they become large costly ones. Problems such as poor construction, infiltration, root ingress and poor service connections can be easily located and identified for cost effective repair decisions. Once set up, the operator has complete fingertip control of the inspection and can monitor all phases of the operational equipment from the comfort of the "Climatized" T.V Control Studio.

All Ratech television sewer and pipe inspection camera's have been designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh environment to which it will be introduced and is capable of inspecting pipe sizes of 6" (150mm) to 30" (760mm) and larger. It is not limited to storm and sanitary sewers but may be used in any pipe or tunnel or where inspection is a necessity such as smokestacks, deep water wells etc.

All Retis Visuvan inspection systems are specifically designed and built with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and components and can be tailored to your specific operating and budget requirements. All components of the Retis Visuvan system have been manufactured so as to compliment, upgrade or retrofit most older systems in current use with minimal downtime and expense. Special application and portable systems are also available from Ratech and we welcome your ideas and requests for a specific application you may have in mind.

The CCU (Camera Control Unit) includes all of the standard electrical and electronic functions and controls to monitor and operate the video inspection system. The unit features separate plug-in circuit boards for camera power and remote features. The camera lighthead power board has a built-in auto shut down circuitry in the event of an overload or short circuit. A digital LED meter is incorporated to monitor lighthead voltage and lighthead current.

The vehicle utility bay has been designed to incorporate all of the equipment required fro a complete TV video inspection as well as on-board power supply (generator) which is housed in a sound and fire retardant enclosure to insure safe and quiet operation.

The cable reel features a unique boom assembly, (including all guides and wheels for T.V cable and mechanical counter/encoder assembly) which may be raised or lowered to five different positions for easy storage and operating positions. Included with the cable reel is a level wind assembly, which insures proper winding and storage of TV cable.

Two variable speed controls are available with the cable reel as well as "payout and rewind" switching assembly which allows the operator to "payout" or "rewind" the cable at any speed desired

The electronic/mechanical assembly includes the electronic encoder which is electronically connected to the Data-Tech "5" Video Data Generator/Titler allowing the transfer of information (distance) to be inserted into the video picture on the main inspection monitor for video recording.

Directly coupled to the encoder is a mechanical counter which acts as a backup device in the unlikely event that all other distance counters malfunction for any reason. This insures that the operator knows exactly where the camera is at all times. As well, the mechanical counter can be observed by the operator when at the rear of the vehicle without the need to return to the TV studio to check the distance.

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