Mapping System

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Mapping System
The GPS Pathfinder Pro XRS is a global positioning system (GPS) receiver designed to provide real-time submeter
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The GPS Pathfinder Pro XRS is a global positioning system (GPS) receiver designed to provide real-time submeter accuracy. It offers GPS, satellite differential, and beacon capabilities. The integration and flexibility of these technologies means that users have less equipment, cables, and batteries to carry.

Feature and attribute data are input with the manufacturer's Asset Surveyor software running on the TSC1 data collector, the TerraSync software running on a user-supplied Pocket PC or Windows CE device, the ASPEN software running on a user-supplied pen-based notebook, or existing data collection software. The system provides two-way data flow between the field and GIS, facilitating the data collection and data maintenance processes, and helping to ensure that users have current data for decision-making.

The system is used in a wide range of applications including digital mapping, utility asset management, environmental monitoring, scientific research, hazardous waste clean-up, municipal asset management, and natural resource management. Because this system integrates real-time DGPS, it is easy to navigate directly to an asset for verification and update. By taking advantage of these real-time features, users remove the need for postprocessing GPS data, further closing the gap between fieldwork and GIS. Additional features include:

•Incorporates a 12-channel, differential beacon, and satellite differential receiver in one housing
•Uses patented EVEREST multipath rejection technology to remove multipath signals in reflective environments
•Supports NMEA-0183 input and RTCM SC-104 input/output

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