Materials Engineering

Source: Kleinfelder, Inc.
Materials design, non-standard testing procedures, materials evaluations, and forensic engineering are provided by the company
Kleinfelder, Inc.ials design, non-standard testing procedures, structure testing and evaluation distressed structures, materials evaluations and forensic engineering are a few of the services provided by the company. For material design, company engineers perform trial batch, testing and analyses necessary to develop component proportioning recommendations to meet specified performance criteria for materials such as Portland cement concrete, controlled low strength concrete, soil-cement, roller compacted concrete, hot-mix asphalt, and slurry and chips seals. They also provide specifications for many of these materials.

Another service of this company is production quality control, which is applied to ICBO product approval for structural and seismic retrofit components, assembled structures, water slide structural members and tubes, materials production plants, and contractor quality control plans.

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