Microprocessor-Based Analog Input Monitoring System

Source: Measuring & Monitoring Services, Inc.
The TF32A+ (certified MV-90) is a microprocessor-based analog input monitoring system
The TF32A+ (certified MV-90) is a microprocessor-based analog input monitoring system. Data from up to 32 sensors may be recorded at an adjustable storage interval from one minute to an hour or more. Data is stored in capacitor backed-up RAM for retrieval by telephone modem, or local PC interface.

Electrical power, RMS voltage and RMS current are measured directly using the company's TimeFrame voltage and current sensors. Industry standard 0-20 ma current loops, pulse inputs and runtime can also be monitored. Diagnostics can be performed on any input using high-speed, "waveform" sampling.
Features of this system include:
• Single and polyphase measurement of power, true RMS voltage and current
• Compact size
• High-speed, "waveform" sampling of two inputs at a time

The unit can be used for long-term monitoring of multiple electrical loads and other inputs, such as temperature and watt-meter pulses. Common applications include verification of savings derived from energy efficiency projects, departmental submetering and performance monitoring of commercial and industrial energy end-uses. It can also be integrated into larger analysis frameworks where data from multiple loggers is assimilated through compatible software. Applications for this broader strategy include utility DSM program data management, corporate energy monitoring and rate analysis.

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