Mosquito Killing System

Source: Med Pest Control & Supply
This mosquito killing system controls mosquito populations
This mosquito killing system controls mosquito populations without the use of chemicals or insecticide. The unit was developed for mosquito control, but is also effective for the control of gnats, biting midges, no-see-ums, punkies, sand flies, black flies, and other members of the order of deptera. The device relies upon the mosquitos natural ability to locate its prey through heat sensing and carbon dioxide detection. It mimics the body temperature of humans and animals, attracting the mosquitos to the killing zone where they are quickly electrocuted. The unit covers approximately one acre and is well suited for use in parks, lakes, municipal swimming pools and open areas. For tough mosquito jobs (large populations), the manufacturer suggests the additional CO2 attachment be added. CO2 and heat combined is a powerful attractant for mosquitoes.

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