News | February 9, 2012

New 10 MGD Water Treatment Plant Opens In Zanesville, Ohio With Filtration Systems Furnished By Hungerford & Terry


Hungerford & Terry has furnished eight, 12' diameter x 24' horizontal GreensandPlus™ filters. This new water treatment plant replaces a 25-old facility opened in 1987, also utilizing H&T water filters.

Opening January 2012, Zanesville, Ohio, this location is engineered to treat 10 MGD versus 7.5 MGD treated in the 1987 facility. The total cost of the federal stimulus funded Zanesville water treatment plant was $16M. With the new facility, the residents of Zanesville, now have two 500,000-gallon raw water storage tanks instead of one tank that was installed in the 1987 facility.

The plant allows room for an additional two water filters to be added as needed. Bulk storage tanks at the plant are available to house fluoride and phosphates necessary for water treatment. With two on-site labs, a fast turnaround time for water sampling is assured in this modern and efficient operation. One of the on-site labs directly pipes water in from the Hungerford & Terry filters to ensure the treatment process is working as specified.

The overall advanced technology of the plant offers the latest in electrical and security systems for constant monitoring in the treatment process as well as significant cost savings and efficiencies to benefit the entire Zanesville community.

About Hungerford & Terry
In 2009, Hungerford & Terry, Inc. celebrated 100 years of designing and building water conditioning systems for a wide range of industrial, commercial and municipal operations throughout the world. Since its inception in 1909, Hungerford & Terry has designed and manufactured thousands of systems that incorporate both conventional and unique water treatment technologies that include filtration and ion exchange technologies.

Today, Hungerford & Terry is a leading distributor of high-performance water filtration media, including GreensandPlus. Based in Clayton, NJ, USA, Hungerford & Terry has over 30 sales representative organizations throughout the United States, as well as representatives in Canada, Central America, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Asia.

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SOURCE: Hungerford & Terry, Inc.