News | April 8, 2005

Parker Hannifin Introduces New Tire Inflation Technology

Haverhill, MA — Parker Hannifin's Filtration and Separation Division has released the Parker TireSaver Nitrogen Tire Inflation System. Now fleet managers may take advantage of the ackowledged benefits of tires inflated with nitrogen instead of compressed air: Up to 4% savings in fuel costs, fewer blowouts, improved safety and up to 25% increased tire life. Improved tire life alone will save a 50 truck fleet over $100,000.00 in tire costs over the life of the tires. Improved fuel costs and elimination of costly blowouts add up to even bigger savings.

Nitrogen has for many years been the accepted gas for inflating the tires of aircraft, racing cars, and heavy mining and construction vehicles. Now fleet owners can take advantage of the safety and cost savings of nitrogen tire inflation. Tires maintain proper inflation and are not exposed to pressurizedoxygen, a mojor component of compressed air. Pressurized oxygen reacts with rubber tires leading to premature tire life, prevents head build up from tire flexing, and saves fuel.

The Parker TireSaver Nitrogen Generator uses stat-of-the-art membrane technology. This is the preferred technology to deliver nitrogen for the fleet industry. The system has virtually no moving parts, is very quiet, and requires only simple annual maintenance. Installation is simple and can be connected to the existing compressed air supply, ready to generate nitrogen in minutes.

Savings and safety combine to create a compelling new product that will peak the interest of cost conscious fleet managers.

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Source: Parker