News | September 1, 2022

Peter Berghaus GmbH: Mobile LED Lighting For Temporary Crosswalks

Leverkusen /PRNewswire/ - In construction site areas, the protection of pedestrians is immensely important. Therefore, additional lighting is also necessary at temporary crosswalks. Here, the mobile LED lighting system from Berghaus Verkehrstechnik offers a bright, flexible and safe solution.

Pedestrians crossing the roadway at crosswalks have priority over vehicular traffic according to the Highway Code. To avoid accidents, pedestrians crossing at crosswalks must be clearly visible in the dark. Particularly in the case of temporary crosswalks at construction sites and in the event of changes in traffic routing, the existing street lighting is often insufficient for this purpose. The requirements for safety and road safety obligations can only be met here with additional lighting.

The mobile crosswalk lighting from Berghaus consists of two high-intensity LED streetlights (luminous flux 9,800 lumens each) including control unit for operation on 230 V AC or 12 V DC. On request, a complete solution ready for immediate use can be supplied with set-up devices, 7 m masts including cable overvoltage. The statics of the masts are tested for LED lighting and cable overvoltage at a height of 7 m.

The control unit is equipped with a twilight switch with timer, which can be conveniently set via Bluetooth. In case of service, it can also be operated via rotary switch (on/off/automatic). The mobile masts are equipped as a surge set for easy overvoltage of cables. Heights of 7 m can be reached by means of an attachment square tube. The cable connection to the other side of the road is made via the cable rings at the tops of the masts. This results in a stable installation with simultaneous power supply to both sides.

The LED streetlights provide full luminosity immediately, without delay when switched on. The light color normal white (4,000 Kelvin) is ideally suited for the illumination of streets and crosswalks, as everything can be seen well and clearly even in foggy weather situations.

Source: Peter Berghaus GmbH

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