Pile Driving Analyzer

Source: Pile Dynamics, Inc.
Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA), featuring a color screen and Microsoft Windows software
Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA), featuring a color screen and Microsoft Windows software, measures the strain and acceleration under the impact of a pile driving hammer or a relatively small drop weight (typically 1 to 1.5% of maximum ultimate load). Often several piles can be tested in one day at a small fraction of the cost of conventional static testing. In addition to evaluating shaft integrity, the PDA investigates driving stresses and hammer energy during pile installation. The PDA is the only method to dynamically evaluate pile bearing capacity, and this is generally accomplished during a restrike to include soil strength gains such as set-up gains (or relaxation losses). Capacity by the PDA is generally further investigated by a CAPWAP analysis of the data for further determination of resistance distribution, dynamic response of the soil, and a simulated static load test evaluation; extensive correlations have proven the reliability of this method. PDA tests are commonly applied to selected driven test piles or production piles during driving or restrike, and are easily adapted to drilled shafts and augered CFA piles. The cost of dynamic pile testing is usually at least 10 times smaller than conventional static load testing. The testing and equipment conform to ASTM D4945.

The Model PAK is a robust testing device well-suited for a harsh construction environment; it is the result of decades of PDA experience by a team of civil, geo-technical and instrumentation engineers. The Model PAK software is comprehensive, yet efficient and intuitive, making it easy to learn and operate. It allows the user to quickly evaluate the integrity and bearing capacity of the pile during installation. Site pile data is automatically stored on disk for later use. In addition, the optional CAPWAP program can be installed in the PAK. CAPWAP uses the measured force and velocity data with a pile model to calculate the dynamic soil behavior and a simulated static load test curve.

PDA-W, the WINDOWS version of the PDA software, will be available June, 2000

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