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PlanGrid Ushers In Next Era Of Construction Productivity Software

One-tap mobile app navigation, 10x faster publishing speed, push notifications, mobile 360° photos, and new integrations will drive unprecedented productivity for owners and contractors

San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire/ - PlanGrid, the leader in construction productivity software, today announced several new features and integrations to revolutionize the way workers manage and build projects. The new capabilities include one-tap navigation, ten times faster publishing, push notifications, and mobile 360° photos. By supercharging productivity at every stage of the build process, workers can make more timely decisions proven to optimize efficiency and profitability.

Today's construction firms are looking for ways to stay competitive and thrive, especially under tight IT budgets, a labor shortage, and ambitious project deadlines. This creates market demand for cost-effective, mobile-first, cloud solutions designed to improve communications and create smarter workflows. PlanGrid is the first company in the industry to truly address the productivity problemhead on. The company continues to relentlessly focus on providing a customer experience that makes construction workers more productive, enabling them to work faster, smarter, and the way they want.

New features:

  • One-Tap Navigation: the sleek, easy-to-use, new look and feel for the app provides customers instant access to different areas of their project—sheets, documents, issues, and more—with a single tap. Available on iOS today and coming soon to Android.
  • 10x Faster Sheet Publishing: building on PlanGrid's unique ability to scale to projects of any size, the new intelligent sheet publishing experience now makes it even faster for customers to distribute thousands of sheets to their teams in minutes, where drawings are automatically titled, versioned, and hyperlinked to call-outs. New sheet publishing is being rolled out to all customers over the next three weeks.
  • Push Notifications: customers can now receive PlanGrid app notifications eliminating the need to search for project updates or chase down answers. Customers who opt-in will automatically receive push notifications, reducing the turnaround time for responses, and streamlining communications. Each project will have a notifications center that contains all relevant updates for customers to review including assigned issues and alerts when new drawing versions are issued. New push notifications are being rolled out to customers over the next two weeks.
  • Mobile 360° Photos: 360° photos can now be uploaded to issues and photo markups in PlanGrid to view within context of project drawings. Available across all mobile platforms, 360° photos are an efficient and valuable tool to help document jobsite progress.

Key integrations:

  • CMiC: CMiC and PlanGrid's integration allows PlanGrid users to automatically synchronize critical information such as the team on a project, punch list issues, RFIs, and approved submittals. This ensures that everyone on a construction job has all relevant information, when, and where they need it.
  • Dronomy: Dronomy has seamlessly integrated with PlanGrid to allow customers using Dronomy's SiteAware to add the current, contextual visual aspect to their construction management processes. With SiteAware Cloud Viewer, users can snapshot the reality of their construction site–including 3D and 4D models, 2D orthomosaic, any drone imagery or their own captured images. Users can then add insights and save these snapshots to their PlanGrid documents where they can be viewed in the field across any mobile device, linked to a specific area on a sheet or multiple sheets, and referenced in RFIs.
  • EarthCam: PlanGrid customers now have access to the highest-quality construction camera imagery in the industry to document important projects and track progress. Customers have the ability to link live images or archived photos directly to site plans for an up-to-date view of their projects. With EarthCam mark-up tools, customers have the option to call out specific areas of interest directly on the image and then upload to the documents section of PlanGrid for instant sharing and collaboration.
  • eSUB: eSUB now fully synchronizes its RFI capabilities with PlanGrid so that subcontractors can coordinate their RFI creation from the field with their workflows for getting approvals from GCs and design firms. Users will continue to be able to attach snapshots of their PlanGrid markups to documents in eSUB to better document the work they're performing.

Comments on the News:

  • "PlanGrid's R&D team puts customers first by listening and understanding their needs. Having a strong relationship with world-class construction companies influences the development of our most innovative products and features that unlock productivity at scale," said Patrick Copeland, Vice President of R&D, at PlanGrid. "Construction workers are more agile and make better decisions when they have all project information at their fingertips. With PlanGrid, customers experience immediate and real-time insights into blueprints, specs, photos, RFIs, field reports, punch lists, project status, and additional cost-saving opportunities on a global level."
  • "As an inspector who manages a team of over 30 people, PlanGrid's ability to streamline document control and distribution with easy access to all project information saves us numerous hours per day, which really adds up at the end of the week," said Frank Skeels, inspector superintendent for the City of Portland. "And because everything is available right at our fingertips thanks to PlanGrid's mobile-first design, we no longer use paper and have completely eliminated it from our workflow."
  • "PlanGrid is shaping the next era of productivity, accountability, and quality in the construction industry," Michael W. Behm, AIA, Senior Vice President, at Leopardo Companies, Inc.
  • "PlanGrid empowers leading VEC projects to become digital and connected, resulting in increased efficiency, collaboration, and profitability on the jobsite," said Dominic R. Spelich, Executive Vice President, Client Services, VEC Inc.

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About PlanGrid
PlanGrid is the leader in construction productivity software. Used on more than 500,000 projects around the world, PlanGrid's value extends over numerous phases of construction, building a massive and accurate history of every jobsite through everyday use that creates a data-rich record set at turnover that is essential to long-term operations. PlanGrid is the first construction productivity software that allows contractors and owners in commercial, heavy civil, and other industries to collaborate easily from their mobile devices and desktop, managing blueprints, specs, photos, RFIs, field reports, and punch lists. PlanGrid is used in more than 70 countries by thousands of customers including DPR, Granite, NVIDIA, Target Corporation, and Tutor Perini. The company has secured over $62 million in funding from investors including Sequoia Capital, Tenaya Capital, and several other top firms. For more information, please visit:

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