Program and Construction Management

Source: ATSER (Advanced Technology Science Engineering Research)
Program and Construction Management
"On Time and In Budget"
ATSER has successfully combined its expertise in engineering, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, project control systems, software engineering and construction to provide comprehensive program and construction management services. We have assembled a team of highly experienced engineers, construction managers, schedulers, cost control engineers, estimators, and document control specialists to oversee the planning, design and construction of million dollar transportation and aviation projects.

As a prime or as part of the team ATSER approaches each job with a primary goal of completing the project on time and within budget. We utilize a variety of tools to aid in developing systems to facilitate teamwork between our staff and those of the owner, designer and contractors. Foremost is the utilization of open and effective communications.

During the initial development phase of a projects our efforts expedite the selection of the design team and the development of a realistic, and achievable, budget and schedule. During this phase we also assist in defining the design criteria for the project to meet the expectations of the owner.

In the Design Development Phase we shift our to that of facilitator and quality control/quality assurance manager on behalf of the owner. At critical phases during design (30%,60% and 90%), ATSER will update the project schedule and budget in relation to the level of design. The purpose of these updates is to maintain the original project scope or to identify, in a timely manner the necessity of revisions to the plan. ATSER also conducts contractibility reviews throughout the design process. Experience indicates that decisions made during the first 60% of the design process contribute to over 90% of the cost savings or cost containment of the project.

ATSER's efforts during the construction phase begin with the preparation of the bidding documents and advertisement/selection of a bidders list. Once bids are received, ATSER personnel review them for completeness and verify the selected contractor's competence to complete the project in accordance with the plans and specifications. Once construction begins, ATSER's role is to respond to any and all problems that might arise during the project that potentially can increase costs, extend the schedule or result in a completed project that does not meet the expectations of the client. Our goal is to achieve excellence.

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