News | October 30, 2018

PSTA And TCCA Sign Memorandum Of Understanding

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) - The Public Safety Technology Alliance (PSTA) and TCCA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that outlines areas of cooperation in the support of critical communications.

PSTA's mission is to bring public safety and industry together to adopt open, best-in-class technology standards for the public safety user community.

TCCA drives the development of open standards for critical broadband as a 3GPP Market Representation Partner, and enhances and protects the TETRA standard for mission critical communications. TCCA is a global member-led organization, bringing together all those with an interest in the provision of wireless communications in a mission critical or business critical environment.

The goal of the MOU is to foster collaboration between PSTA and TCCA with respect to international, widespread promotion of the use of open standards and open standard APIs to ensure operability among applications, services, handsets, connected devices, and cloud applications and storage for the mission critical communications relied upon by public safety.

“The PSTA looks forward to collaborating with TCCA to ensure that open standards and open standard APIs drive operability and economies of scale for public safety,” said PSTA CEO TJ Kennedy.

“TCCA is continually expanding the range of partners we collaborate with globally, and we are pleased to add the PSTA, which represents both public safety and industry. We look forward to working with our PSTA colleagues to promote and facilitate the adoption of global open standards by public safety users in the US and worldwide,” said TCCA Chief Executive Tony Gray.

Areas of planned collaboration include information sharing and best practices on test and certification bodies; coordination on technical committee work including technology roadmaps, activities and timelines; support of plugtests and other testing events for mission critical services; and communication and education about the important work being accomplished by both organizations around the world.

The benefits of this open collaboration will mean greater cooperation globally on the future of public safety technology, which will facilitate a more open, competitive, and operable marketplace to drive scalable innovation for first responders worldwide.

About PSTA 
The Public Safety Technology Alliance (PSTA), comprised of telecommunications industry, public safety, and technology leaders, is a nonprofit coalition with a mission of adopting open, best-in-class, standards-based technology for the public safety user community. As broadband and narrowband networks evolve to meet the demands of first responders, so too must the standards evolve to ensure interoperability between and among the various networks, applications and databases upon which public safety users rely. For more information visit

About TCCA 
The Critical Communications Association (TCCA) represents organizations from around the world, bringing together all those with an interest in the provision of wireless communications in a mission critical or business critical environment. We believe in the principle of open and competitive markets worldwide through the use of common standards and harmonized spectrum. TCCA works closely with standards development organizations including ETSI and 3GPP, which develop and maintain open standards for public mobile networks, and is a partner in the Mission Critical Open Platform (MCOP) project. For more information please visit

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