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Raptor Technologies Integrates RapidDeploy To Enhance School Safety With Expedited And Streamlined 911 Emergency Response

Partnership provides Raptor Alert™ panic button alert data within RapidDeploy's Next Gen 911 Solutions

Houston, TX /PRNewswire/ - Raptor Technologies (Raptor), the leading provider of school safety software, and RapidDeploy, the leader in cloud-native technology solutions for public safety, today announced the technology integration of their systems, enhancing emergency communications and notification methods between schools and 911 agencies when faced with critical and threatening situations.

Through the partnership between RapidDeploy and Raptor, first responders and emergency communications centers are instantly notified when a user initiates an emergency through Raptor Alert™, providing immediate access to critical context about the incident directly within RapidDeploy's Next Gen 911 solutions. This information includes the school's name, emergency type, location, name and phone number of the caller, latitude/longitude, and more. Raptor Alert is utilized by more K-12 schools in the U.S. than any other panic alert system.

"We are living in a time of increased threats to our schools, and our panic button alert system shares critical information with the right teams in seconds," said Chris Noell, Chief Product Officer, Raptor Technologies. "Our integration with RapidDeploy ensures that schools have a direct and reliable method of connecting to 911 agencies and sharing location information so that they can get the emergency assistance they need."

The integration combines RapidDeploy's Radius Mapping solution, a Next Gen 911 primary call-taking map, with Raptor Alert, providing telecommunicators and dispatchers a seamless and direct line of communication during school emergencies. Raptor's alert system will also be integrated with Lightning, the companion app to Radius, delivering critical information directly to field responders via their mobile devices.

"Raptor's panic button alert system provides an added layer of protection and can be the information that makes all the difference in how teams prepare, direct their resources, and coordinate their response," said Steve Raucher, CEO and Co-founder at RapidDeploy. "We continue to build on our mission of reducing response times to save lives by integrating the data and partners that truly matter."

RapidDeploy's Radius Mapping is a next-generation primary call-taking mapping solution used by over 1,500 911 agencies nationwide. Built in the cloud, RapidDeploy's solution unites data, applications, and call information into a single screen to streamline the 911 workflow, empower immediate and effective emergency response, and drive better outcomes.

About Raptor Technologies
Founded in 2002, Raptor has partnered with over 60,000 schools in 55 countries, including over 5,300 K-12 US school districts, to provide integrated visitor, volunteer, attendance, dismissal, emergency management, and safeguarding software and services covering the complete spectrum of school and student safety. To learn more about becoming a partner with Raptor Technologies, visit

About RapidDeploy
Founded in 2016, and based in Austin, TX, RapidDeploy is the leading cloud-native platform for public safety. We provide Next Generation 911 solutions that deliver intelligent information throughout the emergency response journey, empowering agencies and first responders to drive better outcomes in mission critical situations.

With a curated partner network, our platform combines mobile signals, critical datasets, and call information into a single operating system, improving emergency response with location accuracy, situational awareness, modern communications, and actionable insights. Our products improve outcomes and ultimately save lives. In 2023, RapidDeploy earned recognition for the 6th year in a row as a prominent company to watch on the GovTech 100 list, and as one of the best places to work by Built In. Learn more at

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