Rectangular Meter Boxes

Source: Uponor ETI
Rectangular Meter Boxes
The BC and BCF Series meter boxes are constructed using the company's patented co-molded wall process
Uponor ETIBCF Series meter boxes are constructed using the company's patented co-molded wall process. The BC series are designed to provide an alternative to traditional thin walled rectangular plastic boxes and a viable option to concrete in most applications. These units are said to be able to handle in excess of 15,000 lb without failure, and features strong side walls in more than .550 in. thick. These walls resist buckling, cracking or collapsing. A white interior offer easy, quick meter reading, an anti-settling flange keeps the box stable in soft or sandy soil and a cast or ductile iron cover provides durability and longevity. The BC series can accommodate a range of applications from single or dual residential meters to large meter or valve assemblies.

The BCF series meter box is a heavy-duty unit that has been load tested to more than 25,000 lb with a ductile iron cover. It can be used in areas where low speed incidental traffic may be encountered. A flange molded to the top of the box is designed to provide support in concrete or pavement and to provide extra support when installed in loose or sandy soils. Additional features include an anti-settling flange and a white interior to ease meter reading. This box is designed to be stackable, and may be ordered with or without pre-cut pipe entry areas.

Both series of meter boxes are available with ductile iron cover with or without flip readers and AMR holes.

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