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Customer satisfaction is the measure of success in the commercial world, but citizen satisfaction is the measure in local government
Customer satisfaction is the measure of success in the commercial world, but citizen satisfaction is the measure in local government. Yet, commercial solutions to e-Government applications often fall short of a local government's expectation. That is why communities nationwide find RequestPartner (TM) so valuable when it comes to managing requests for services and information.

RequestPartner (TM) is a web-enabled software application that empowers both local government and the public it serves. Now citizens can submit their requests for services or information from any place, at any time through the Internet. The system can also be used by staff to enter citizen requests received via telephone, in-person or mail. Staff simply enters the information directly into RequestPartner (TM) making it a comprehensive solution for almost all forms of citizen interaction.

These days, most people are very busy and just want simple answers on simple questions from their local government, or they have request for services that they want handled quickly, accurately and efficiently. RequestPartner (TM) is designed to help people find answers to their questions and allow staff to provide service for the public's needs as quickly as possible through the Internet.

RequestPartner (TM) various online features are:

  • Online requests for services and information
  • Reciprocal dialogue with staff
  • Reporting a problem or job well done
  • Links to other online services
  • Utilizes the same user name and password for all e-Gov applications
  • Generates routine or custom reports
  • City staff can easily add or update information on their City website
RequestPartner (TM) can easily be integrated with a government's existing website (though one is not mandatory) and is used to register and track any type of citizen dialogue from the beginning to a follow-up phase. A member of the public can identify him/herself or remain anonymous. Work orders are routed to the appropriate department, containing a priority level to assist in the workflow process. This all minimizes errors and confusion, while streamlining the process.

With the ability to create comprehensive reports, RequestPartner (TM) is also a valuable tool for planning and budgeting. Managers and directors now have a method to quickly and accurately review departmental activities in real time, assign tasks and identify specific resource needs.

RequestPartner (TM) is easy to integrate and affordable for local governments of all sizes. The system can be up within one month and is available through our Hosted Services Option, which allows for an even greater savings of time and money. Through this model, a local government pays one low, predictable monthly fee, while GovPartner hosts the e-Government system at a secure data center. This allows local governments to avoid up front expenses and provide services 24 hours per day, seven days per week. It is the easiest way to safely, reliably and cost-effectively offer online requests for services and information.

With the public so accustomed to e-commerce capabilities, there is no reason for local governments to not reap the rewards of the Internet. Request Partner (TM) is a perfect solution for modernizing government and meeting the public's need for accuracy and speed.

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