Routing Solution for ESRI GIS

Source: RouteSmart Technologies, Inc.
The RouteSmart system helps municipalities and businesses
The RouteSmart system helps municipalities and businesses leverage the power of the GIS technology platform. The program complements ESRI GIS users with a full suite of route optimization functions, database editing, reporting and map plotting capabilities specifically designed for creating efficient routes under ARC/INFO or ArcView. Features include:

•Embeds seamlessly within ARC/INFO and ArcView
•Completely documented with user guide, training tutorials and system administration materials
•Professional installation, training and support by personnel with experience delivering routing solutions under ESRI GIS
•Uses existing street centerline coverages and shapefiles
•Customized map plotting and report generation functions
•Performs spatial analysis with routing data and other GIS data sets
•End user extendable using AML, Avenue and other development environments

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