Sauereisen's Full Line Products Used To Rehabilitate Over 300 Manholes For The City Of Bristol, CT

Pay Dirt in Bristol, CT

In the Spring of 2000 Sauereisen began a relationship with Environmental Preservation Systems, Inc. of Rome, NY. This company specializes in manhole rehabilitation, primarily installing cementitious systems. Epoxies and other resinous-based products had always proved to be very difficult and costly for them to install in manholes. Ray Ruszkowski, President of Environmental Preservation Systems, became interested in the Sauereisen system because the "60-Minute Solution" appeared to offer him the ability to apply an epoxy system as easily as he installs cementitious products. To continue his success in manhole rehabilitation Ray felt it was necessary to offer a wider range of products to meet the ever-increasing demands of this growing market.

Seeing is Believing
Ray Ruszkowski visited Sauereisen headquarters in Pittsburgh and was taken to a local municipality to see completed work and inspect their equipment set up. We then arranged a demonstration at Ray's shop in Rome, NY using a combination of his 4 HP Rotor/Stator Pump and a special spinning nozzle from RFI Construction Products, to successfully apply all Sauereisen materials. Ray was convinced. Not only could he pump both cementitious products and epoxy SewerGard No. 210RS; the RFI nozzle enabled him to apply the products much more efficiently than the straight shot nozzle he was currently utilizing. In addition, it would be safer for his crews who would now spend far less time inside the manhole.

A Perfect Match
The Maguire Group, an engineering firm in New Britain, CT had issued specifications for rehabilitating over 300 manholes for the City of Bristol, CT. The specifications called for a minimum 3/8-inch cementitious resurfacer to rebuild brick manholes and an epoxy topcoat to protect them from corrosion. Working with Environmental Preservation Systems and the general contractor from MA, Sauereisen submitted a full line of rehabilitation products, including InstaPlug F-180, Hydroactive Polyurethane Grout F-370, SubstrateResurfacer F-121 and SewerGard 210RS. Case history, product data information, along with a presentation of Sauereisen's overall history and wastewater experience were enough to win approval of the products.

Application Moves Rapidly and Efficiently
When the project commenced Sauereisen personnel were on hand to provide training and technical service. A three-stage operation was set up. The crew pressure washed, addressed active leaks and made repairs. After this was completed in a series of manholes, the crew installed SubststrateResurfacer F-121 to a minimum 3/8-inch in one pass using their 4 HP pump and RFI spinning nozzle. They then followed with SewerGard 210RS using similar equipment. Environmental Preservations' product efficiency increased rapidly. In a matter of days they were averaging 15 to 20 manholes per day; pressure washing and installing SubstrateResurfacer followed by the application of SewerGard RS. The entire crew was very appreciative of the drastic reduction in the amount of time spent inside the manhole. Ray felt that this factor contributed to their productivity and quality of work. The engineer maintained an inspector on site at all times to insure that surface preparation and materials thickness was always in accordance with the specifications and expressed his satisfaction to Sauereisen.

Success Guarantees New Opportunities
The success of this application will afford new opportunities for us, our agents, and contractor base. The engineer has specified Sauereisen for two more projects in Connecticut. Environmental Preservation Systems is promoting the "60- Minute Solution" in municipalities they do business with on a regular basis. In addition, Environmental Preservation is so pleased with the performance and ease of application of the SubstrateResurfacer, they have placed an order to line 8,500 vertical feet of manholes with ½-inch of the product.